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Words From Our Founder

Scott A. Moan, LUTCF

Founder and Managing Partner

Scott believes in planning for the worst and managing for the best. That lesson comes from 20 years’ experience in helping people with their insurance and investments.

Commitment brings compassion, and Scott likes helping seniors navigate through what’s best for them and for their loved ones. And with many connections in the insurance industry, Scott provides an independent view-point on meeting your needs.

His in-depth knowledge of insurance is current, not outdated, and helps you protect yourself, your assets and your family. Protection from what? From senior health care expenses and from the Medicaid spend-down ordeal.

Here’s why. After working (and saving) for an entire lifetime, many people are devastated by their health care costs in retirement. Health care costs are already big, but they typically increase at twice or triple the rate of inflation.

Even worse, there is a significant chance that you will need full-time nursing care during your later years; and that cost will quickly drain away money and wealth that you worked so hard to save.

That expensive (but common) situation, poor health and high expenses, can make you and your family worry. How will they pay for your ongoing health care needs, a potential home nursing care bill or even a nursing home stay, final expenses and then a nice burial for you?
Let us show you the easy, most inexpensive way(s) to deal with those issues. Avoid the common, and expensive, traps that people fall into.

Scott and his team of Elder Life Advisors work with a team of Elder Law attorney’s around the country and provide a free analysis based on an interpretation of common law, trust law, asset protection and Medicaid laws.

“Cliff Bailey IV and Elder Life Group helped us plan for the future. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and tailored ideas and plans that helped us be secure. I would highly recommend contacting them for retirement questions & needs.”

– Deborah Thomas, Sugar Grove IL

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