Elder Life Insurance

Are you worried about leaving behind unpaid bills and debts?

Elder Life Insurance

Protection Guarantee

“Your protection can never be cancelled.”

Level Premiums

“Your monthly rates can never be increased.”

Immediate Benefits

“Immediate benefits from the very first day.”

Are you worried about leaving behind unpaid bills and debts? What about relieving your loved ones from the burdens of burial expenses?

Then consider final expense insurance. It provides an affordable and convenient way to manage finances for the end of life. These whole life policies have affordable monthly premiums that can NEVER be increased. Benefits can never be reduced.

Choose the benefit you need – you can apply for up to $35,000 with a simple application without medical exam. Immediate benefits, they start from the very first day. This elder life insurance will provide the needed funds for your final expenses. Don’t leave a financial burden on your loved ones.

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Easy Qualification

“No Medical Exam Necessary.”

“It’s usually not a good idea to prepay your funeral directly with a funeral home, because funeral homes can and have gone out of business. Besides, what happens if you die out of state?”
Dean Waters, LUTCF Elder Life Advisor

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