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Medicaid Exempt Funeral Trusts V2

Funeral Expense Trust

Greater financial relief for your seniors.
Greater financial return for your business.

Leading IMO and financial services provider Elder Life Group has helped pioneer one of the most groundbreaking products in the senior market today: the funeral expense trust. As the nation’s largest funeral expense trust distributor, we work with top insurance carriers to provide best-in-class policies. By ensuring safe end-of-life arrangements through funeral expense trusts, insurance and investment advisors are meeting critical family needs.

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What is a Funeral Expense Trust (FET)?

The FET is a single-premium whole life insurance policy combined with a free, irrevocable trust.

What does an FET do?

FETs fully secure a portion of an individual’s assets until they’re needed to pay end-of-life expenses.

How are FETs unique?

FETs are probate-exempt, their funds are typically available within 48 hours for payment to any funeral home in the US, and they can also assist with Medicaid spend-down.

Why are FETs so valuable?

Going through you to prepay these expenses frees your clients from long, uncomfortable sessions in a funeral home while giving you a reliable new revenue stream.

Why Advisors Are Adopting the FET

For a long time, referring families to funeral homes to discuss prepayment arrangements was the only real option for advisors despite the financial risk it presents.

Not anymore. By proactively introducing funeral expense trusts to their clients, they’ve found that they are powerful tool to lift their bottom line.


Eager for a basic product with an outsized return

Thanks to initial coaching by Elder Life Group, advisors in our network are generating anywhere from $50k to $600k in additional revenue per year from FETs alone.

With commissions up to 15%—3x the average fixed annuity—our advisors are increasing their margins without increasing their effort.

Attracted by their simplicity and easy integration

FETs are literally “checkbox” products that supplement larger retirement or long-term care planning strategies.

No complicated scenarios, no tedious fine print, and no time-consuming application. Simply add it to a client’s portfolio and then neither of you ever have to think about it again.

“Advisors have a primary role in understanding a client’s financial landscape and identifying future needs as someone they trust. The funeral trust has provided a simple way to elevate this comprehensive planning.”

Scott R., LPL Financial Advisor for over 20 years

The Need for FETs?

Few products today are as easy to sell with as large of a return as funeral expense trusts. In fact, for some advisors in our network, the revenue they generate has become the very core of their business model. More importantly, though, they allow you to elevate your level of protection. You become a better advisor with more informed recommendations in areas where families rarely think to look.

The trusts have protected hundreds of millions of dollars from creditors and predators to date. Despite this, they’re still used by few advisors, giving you a first-mover opportunity with a landmark product.

FETs are an easy but highly effective way to position yourself as the go-to for this group in your market.

Additional long-term care insurance, annuities, and Medicare products from ELG pair well with FETs.

People are receptive to—and willing to invest in—products that support their families after they’re gone. But, only 2 out of every 10 consumers have planned for funerals even though costs regularly top $15k for traditional burials. That leaves ~80% of your clients waiting for help to account for this regardless of their wealth or strategy

Let’s explore how FETs can help you achieve your goals and those of your clients.

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