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Medicaid Exempt Funeral Trusts

Funeral Expense Trust

Greater financial relief for your seniors.
Greater financial return for your business.

Strategic, simple, and safe, the funeral expense trust is nothing short of transformational for funeral planning in the US—both for you and your clients.

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Be the Innovative Advisor Today’s Market Demands

Leading IMO and financial services provider Elder Life Group has helped pioneer one of the most groundbreaking products in the senior market today: the funeral expense trust. By ensuring safe end-of-life arrangements through funeral expense trusts, insurance and investment advisors are meeting critical family needs. They’re also meeting their own business goals at the same time. The best part is how straightforward these trusts truly are for everyone involved. In fact, understanding “the basics” of funeral expense trusts in this case isn’t just a starting point. It’s the whole story.

What is a Funeral Expense Trust (FET)?

The FET is a single-premium whole life insurance policy combined with a free, irrevocable trust.

What does an FET do?

FETs fully secure a portion of an individual’s assets until they’re needed to pay end-of-life expenses.

How are FETs unique?

FETs are probate-exempt, their funds are typically available within 48 hours for payment to any funeral home in the US, and they can also assist with Medicaid spend-down.

Why are FETs so valuable?

Going through you to prepay these expenses frees your clients from long, uncomfortable sessions in a funeral home while giving you a reliable new revenue stream.

Quite simply, funeral expense trusts have permanently changed funeral planning not only for families seeking a better path to relief, but also for the advisors who are able to help them find it.

Why Insurance and Investment Advisors Are Adopting the FET

For a long time, referring families to funeral homes to discuss prepayment arrangements was the only real option for advisors despite the financial risk it presents. Not anymore. Advisors in our network are keeping this conversation within a safe space. By proactively introducing funeral expense trusts to their clients, they’ve found that both sides benefit greatly.


Best positioned to help with this decision

It’s not easy for people to consider their own mortality. Funeral planning can include emotional choices many aren’t prepared to make.

Insurance and investment advisors are among the few individuals who are both qualified and trusted to guide them through such a sensitive matter.

Attracted by their simplicity and easy integration

FETs are literally “checkbox” products that supplement larger retirement or long-term care planning strategies.

No complicated scenarios, no tedious fine print, and no time-consuming application. Simply add it to a client’s portfolio and then neither of you ever have to think about it again.

Eager for a basic product with an outsized return

Thanks to initial coaching by Elder Life Group, advisors in our network are generating anywhere from $50k to $600k in additional revenue per year from FETs alone.

With commissions up to 15%—3x the average fixed annuity—our advisors are increasing their margins without increasing their effort.

“Advisors have a primary role in understanding a client’s financial landscape and identifying future needs as someone they trust. The funeral trust has provided a simple way to elevate this comprehensive planning. By addressing a need that’s common to nearly every client, this helps deepen my value as a trusted advisor.”

Scott R., LPL Financial Advisor for over 20 years

Why Partner with Elder Life Group on FETs?

As the nation’s largest funeral expense trust distributor, we work with top insurance carriers to provide best-in-class policies. Our understanding of FET processing and compliance is unmatched as a result. That’s why advisors like you have unlocked so much value for their firms with these products. They’re new, niche, and necessary, making them a powerful way to lift your bottom line.

But instantly proven

FETs have become an invaluable solution for advisors and their clients in less than 15 years

The trusts have protected hundreds of millions of dollars from creditors and predators to date

Despite this, they’re still used by few advisors, giving you a first-mover opportunity with a landmark product

But substantial audience

The costs of aging affect everyone, making the 60+ community an ongoing source of business

FETs are an easy but highly-effective way to position yourself as the go-to for this group in your market

Additional long-term care insurance, annuities, and Medicare products from ELG pair well with FETs

But largely untapped

People are receptive to—and willing to invest in—products that support their families after they’re gone

But, only 2 out of every 10 consumers have planned for funerals even though costs regularly top $15k for traditional burials

That leaves ~80% of your clients waiting for help to account for this regardless of their wealth or strategy

Learn More About the Need for FETs With Our FREE Report

Few products today are as easy to sell with as large of a return as funeral expense trusts. In fact, for some advisors in our network, the revenue they generate has become the very core of their business model. More importantly, though, they allow you to elevate your level of protection. You become a better advisor with more informed recommendations in areas where families rarely think to look.

Our report, Funeral Planning Crisis: 5 Reasons Advisor Support Is Critical for Families Today, explains how the FET is the right product at the right time for your senior clients. It includes an array of topics, such as:

The majority of Americans have no will, compounding estate administration for families

Expecting to pay with estate funds right away can put heirs in a bind if they aren’t liquid

Relying on death benefits from things like life insurance policies comes with real risk

Pre-paying end-of-life expenses is often the very first step to relief for surviving spouses

The best strategy to ease this burden on families is also the easiest one

We want to give you the information you need to make smart decisions with your clients when it comes to funeral planning. That’s why we’re offering this report for FREE with no obligations. All we ask in return is a few minutes of your time to let us share in a bit more detail how the FET could have an immediate impact on your entire practice.

See How Easy It Is to Better Support Your Clients With FETs Today

Our funeral expense trust is just one of several comforting products we offer our treasured seniors, but one that’s also as lucrative for you as it is appreciated by them. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we can provide the tools you need to build more business while offering families the peace of mind they deserve.

Simply complete the basic form below so we can send you a link to our calendar for a 15- to 30-minute call. Once you choose a day and time that’s convenient for you, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to download your free report.

Let’s explore how FETs can help you achieve your goals and those of your clients.

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