With a Little Help, You Can Protect Your Assets From Creditors Like Nursing Homes

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Congressional Budget 1980

“$30 billion: Long-term care expenditures spent in U.S.”

Congressional Budget 2015

“$225 billion: Long-term care expenditures spent in U.S.”

Genworth cost of care 2017

“$92,378: Median annual nursing-home cost, private room, 2016.”

The need for long-term care has never been greater. Members of the baby boomer generation are getting older, and the population is living longer. As the need for long-term care increases, so too does the cost associated with meeting this need.

Paying for long-term-care is the biggest financial risks facing Americans during retirement. It’s not uncommon to see nursing home expenses run $85,000 to $120,000 or more annually, and many seniors will deplete assets they have accumulated over an entire lifetime trying to pay for care.

For those that haven’t purchased long-term care insurance, Medicaid is the best way to gain some financial relief from this devastating cost. We help guide seniors nationwide to preserve their assets from nursing homes or other unforeseen liabilities while accelerating eligibility for Medicaid benefits through our state-of-the-art asset protection analysis.

“Paying for long-term-care is the biggest financial risks facing Americans during retirement. With proper guidance, seniors can preserve their assets from creditors like nursing homes.” Douglas Ley

Elder Law and VA accredited Attorney


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