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Prepaid Funeral

Prepaid Funeral Arrangements

Guarantee your final expenses now, protect your family later.
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The Importance of Considering Funeral Arrangements

Most people, understandably, don’t like to think about their own final expenses. Many choose to simply prepay them with a funeral home and be done with it. The decision to remove an expensive burden from their loved ones is a thoughtful one. But, it’s also fraught with potential dangers that don’t surface until it’s too late.

Traditional prepaid funerals aren’t guaranteed. Funeral homes may go under, the funds may be exposed to creditors, and so on. Even if you believe your estate can handle the expenses later, it may have to go through a lengthy probate process. The result is a stressful situation for your family during an emotional time.

Our Approach to Securing Your Funeral Arrangements

Fortunately, there’s a solution that puts concerns about affording burial costs to bed: the “Medicaid Exempt Funeral Trust.” This is a combination of a small, guaranteed-issue life insurance policy that is irrevocably assigned to a free trust. It transfers all risk to the insurance company, which then pays the funeral provider on your behalf. The trust even speeds up Medicaid eligibility by spending down your countable assets.

Not only are we the largest distributor of this funeral trust in the nation, but we’ve been actively involved in its continual improvement. We’ve made it easy to secure by anyone in just a few quick steps.

    1. Final Expenses Evaluation: First, we understand your financial situation. We can do this conveniently over the phone, and you can even take care of all the paperwork electronically. Qualification is simple, which makes it easy to go right into a custom plan.
    2. Customized Plan: We tailor a plan to your needs based on your state’s rules. This is completely confidential and takes a matter of minutes with an Elder Life Advisor, not hours with a funeral-home director.
    3. Start Your Policy: All we need is your name, phone number, and SSN—no medical details or other personal information. Simply write a check and never worry about your final expenses again.

Get Started Today

Elder Life Advisors know exactly how much you should put aside so you don’t under-prepare or over-spend. Call us today to see how a prepaid funeral trust can benefit your retirement plan now and your family later.

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Elder Life Group Funeral Trust Benefits

  • 100% Free: No fees up front or tax on any excess back to your estate.
  • Convenient: Conduct the entire policy-writing process from home.
  • Guaranteed: Assets are protected for the sole use of your final expenses.
  • Immediate: Probate-exempt, allowing for prompt funeral-provider payment.
  • Irrevocable: Guaranteed to be safe from creditors and predators, period.
  • Portable: Applicable to any funeral home in the US.
  • Predictable: Policy value grows steadily to account for rising market costs.
  • Strategic: Reduces your assets to accelerate government benefits.

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