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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning for Government Relief

Write your own rules to get the benefits you’ve already paid for.
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The Importance of Planning for Government Relief

Even if they’re healthy today, most retirees will need long-term care at some point. Seven in 10 Americans will spend an average of two to three years in a nursing home or assisted-living facility. Medicare will help—assuming you meet various conditions to receive it. It’s a temporary solution since it only lasts a few months. Without a plan for what to do when it ends, you’ll then have to cover any costs the government doesn’t.

The good news is that Medicaid can be a great source of relief for families if you can get through the maze of fine print. Medicaid is a federal program funded by your taxes and administered by your state. This means national and local laws come into play, creating eligibility requirements that are literally all over the map.

Since Medicaid pays roughly 80% of all long-term care costs, you want to receive the benefits you’re owed while protecting the assets you’ve earned.

Our Approach to Helping You Take Control of Your Plan

Qualifying for Medicaid is as much a financial matter as it is a medical one. We help families whose seniors are immediately eligible as well as those whose countable assets don’t allow them to receive this relief. Having a national network means we can provide local expertise for families in either scenario.

Our services range from strategic guidance on asset reallocation to hands-on support with your application. Beginning with a free intake call, we gather the information we need and then explain everything you need to know about your options.

By the end, you’ll have the beginnings of your own rule book to secure the benefits you need on your terms.

Explore Your Options Today

Why worry about the frustrating ins and outs of government policy when you can rely on professionals who specialize in it? Our experts are ready to put you in a position of strength when it comes time to claim your benefits.

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Medicaid Myths
“Going on Medicaid means my spouse and I will lose everything we have.” (You won’t)

“Before you go on Medicaid we should give all our money away to our kids or family, so the government doesn’t get it.” (Not always a good idea)

“I must wait 5 years after giving away anything to qualify for Medicaid.” (Not always the case)

“My revocable living trust will protect my assets from a nursing home.” (It won’t)

“Medicaid is only for lower income or impoverished individuals.” (They aren’t)

“If I am married and my spouse goes to a nursing home, my spouse can qualify for Medicaid if I put all our joint assets in my name.” (They won’t)

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