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Asset Protection

Asset Protection Strategies

Let’s preserve what you’ve spent a lifetime earning.
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The Importance of Asset Protection

Retirement is a reward to look forward to after a lifetime of providing for your loved ones. Unfortunately, right about the time your primary source of income ends, the need for it becomes even greater as medical needs grow. The costs of long-term care today are large enough to endanger everything you’ve put away for your future and your family.

That’s why transition out of the workplace requires transition into a new mindset. Financial strategies for most people must be very different in their later years. The gambles traditional advisors take with the stock market are no longer safe. Risking your principal also risks your ability to care for your welfare down the line.

Our Approach to Protecting Your Assets

As you age, return on investment should give way to retention of investment. Our advisors and legal partners guide the shift from asset appreciation to asset preservation. We secure your investments from the uncertainties of Wall Street to guarantee your savings no matter what life may bring.

Our process begins with a free consultation to offer you one thing—options. To do this, we conduct a confidential review that takes into account critical factors other advisors aren’t trained—or incentivized—to examine.

Our Review Includes Things Like:
  • Long-term income strategies
  • Short- and long-term retirement goals and concerns
  • Spending habits in light of potential long-term care costs
  • Countable and non-countable long-term care resources
  • Market risk with corresponding protection options

The result is a customized long-term care analysis that we can then use to guide you to the right partners for modern estate planning.

Get Started Today

There’s no fee or obligation for our review. We’d simply like to show you options to safeguard your assets that you won’t find anywhere else. Your Elder Life Advisor is ready when you are.

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Investing for People Over 50
  • In a recent study 75% of investors said it’s important for people over 50 to have a strategy to protect portfolios against loss.

    Are YOUR investments protected from market loss?

SOURCE: Greenwald & Associates Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study. 2020

Market Ups and Downs
  • Since 1929 a bear market has hit every 3.6 years.

    Are YOU prepared for the next bear market?

SOURCE: Invesco Bull & Bear Markets Historical Trends and Portfolio. May 2019

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