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Medicare Planning

Medicare Planning for Secure Coverage

Simplify a complicated program to ensure the right solution for your needs.
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Original Medicare. Medicare Supplements (Medigap). Advantage Plans.

All of these things and more are a lot to keep track of, and quite intricate. And for seniors and individuals with certain types of disabilities, it’s incredibly important to have a grasp of this critical healthcare program.

Our Approach to Evaluating Your Coverage Options

With Elder Life Group, you don’t need to take this risk. We operate in this space every single day and know how Medicare coverage works with hospital insurance (Part-A), medical insurance (Part-B), prescription drug plans (Part-D), privately-sold advantage plans (Part-C), and hospital indemnity plans.

Our specialty isn’t just in understanding federal and private programs, though. It’s in helping others understand them, too. Working with an Elder Life Advisor is a reliable alternative to seeking solutions on your own for a number of reasons:

  • We take the time to assess your existing plan to see if it’s meeting your needs in the most cost-effective way.
  • As an independent company, we’re able to shop multiple carriers to find the best options on your behalf.
  • We can readily weigh the advantages and disadvantages of new strategies in light of your healthcare goals.
  • We’re well-versed in discussing the differences between supplements and Advantage plans without the jargon.
  • We review prescription plans annually to uncover more suitable ones that may be available in your area.

In short, you have a partner whose only goal is to pair the right options with your needs.

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The simple truth is that healthcare in retirement becomes far more complex than the traditional plan you’ve had for years. Let us handle the legwork so you can enjoy the carefree life you’ve earned.

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The tough part is that there’s no shortage of myths being perpetuated about Medicare. For instance:

  • “Medicare coverage begins automatically when you turn 65” (not always)
  • “Medicare is free and will handle all of your healthcare needs” (it doesn’t)
  • “Medicare pays for all nursing home costs” (there’s a limit)
  • “Medicare plans are all priced the same” (they aren’t)
  • “Medicare supplements and Advantage Plans are identical” (they aren’t)

Trying to separate fact from fiction is risky if you’re unfamiliar with the healthcare landscape.

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