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Success Stories

Elder Life Group Case Studies

Success stories featuring clients with diverse backgrounds and needs.

We’ve guided thousands of people to financial peace of mind over the years. Don’t take our word for it, though. See for yourself what we’ve accomplished for others in your shoes. We want you to be confident that we can lead you where you want to go.

Alzheimer’s Care Jeopardizes Family’s Estate

Elder Life Group reduced Medicaid spend-down by over 70% for Barbara. This protected more than $1M in family assets and helped ensure that Bob and Barbara’s children’s legacy was secure.

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Assisted Living Threatens Family’s Limited Savings

Elder Life Group turned a 99% spend-down for Medicaid into 72% of savings across Jim’s entire estate. Jim was able to fulfill his and Judy’s hopes of providing a legacy for their daughters.

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Modest Finances Cannot Meet Healthcare Needs

Elder Life Group preserved Mary’s family estate from assisted living without any prior advanced planning. Mary is now getting the care she needs without jeopardizing her estate.

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Memory Care Facility Places Family Estate at Risk

Elder Life Group offset 55% of Suzy’s Medicaid spend-down requirement to fully protect 75% of the family estate. We helped ensure Suzy had options, set up the best one, and then handled the details.

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