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Long-Term Care Pre-Planning

Long-Term Care
Pre-Planning Strategies

Confidently prepare for the high costs of aging before they become a concern.
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The Importance of Long-Term Care Pre-Planning

Life-expectancy rates continue to increase thanks to ever-improving medicine and technology. As wonderful as this is, it also increases the likelihood and ultimate expense of long-term care. The costs of nursing homes can exceed $100k per year and are only growing. That’s why it’s crucial to plan for issues that are as unpredictable as they are expensive while you still can.

Our Strategists Ensure That Your Golden Years Stay Golden

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Eligibility requirements, trust-compliant coverage, government policies and penalties—all of these considerations and many more can be maddening to navigate. Poor guidance from untrained advisors only intensifies stress on retirees and their families.

Our Approach to Your Pre-Planning Options

Good guidance, on the other hand, removes this stress right now and gives you peace of mind regardless of the “what-ifs” down the road. Elder Life Advisors are experienced in protecting your estate in the event of sudden, steep medical costs—especially if Medicaid won’t be an option.

To do this, we use hybrid long-term care solutions that transfer risk to insurance companies. These policies offer many advantages to you and your family.

Our advisors can speak to these benefits and others along with the options they create for you. And the best part is, with our hybrid long-term care policies: if you ever change your mind, you can get your money back.

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Even if you’re perfectly healthy now, it’s never too early to start planning with the help of hybrid solutions like this. We’re here to put safeguards in place so you can enjoy the life you’ve earned, instead of worrying about whether you can afford it.

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Elder Life Group
Long-Term Solutions

  • Home and facility care along with other services are covered so you stay independent.
  • No deductible or elimination period for benefits to begin once you’re eligible.
  • Inflation options maintain the power of your investment as market costs rise.
  • Policy cash value increases each month with interest credits and tax-deferred growth.
  • Single-, extended-, and flexible-payment options keep premiums manageable.
  • The insurance company pays service providers directly on your behalf.
  • You can still receive benefits even if you spend your retirement abroad.
  • Any unused portion of your monthly maximum benefit extends your benefit period.
  • Your beneficiaries receive an income-tax-free legacy if you never need long-term care.

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