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mature man helping elderly senior woman at home with advanced estate planning

Client Success Story: Beverly

Beverly was a schoolteacher for a little over 12 years, then a stay-at-home mom for her two deaf sons for 10 years. Following that, she worked as an aide for the public school system before retiring at age 66.

A decade into retirement, Beverly’s husband passed away, leaving her lost and overwhelmed. Elder Life Group stepped in, creating an advanced estate plan and assisting with other financial needs.

We asked Beverly about her experience with Elder Life Group.

What led you to work with Elder Life Group?
My husband died in 2021. He was nine years older than me and had a number of health issues. He was the financial person in our family, so his passing left me overwhelmed. I met with a local Elder Law Attorney in 2022 and completed an irrevocable trust for myself and my two sons. They recommended Elder Life Group for my financial needs and after attending one of Elder Life Group’s financial workshops I knew they were a good fit.

How has Elder Life Group helped you?
Elder Life Group has provided guidance on IRAs, health insurance, annuities, and more. And they did all the legwork with funding my trust. I also appreciated the Elder Life Group team coming to my house to help with my various financial needs, so I didn’t have to make the hour-long drive to their office.

At one point, the Elder Life Group team and I consulted with a local lawyer about additional family matters, and I was pleased Elder Life Group had the expertise and access to do that. It gave me a sense of comfort that things were being done the right way.

Why do you like working with Elder Life Group?
What really stands out is the ease of service. Elder Life Group has always been very accommodating – making calls and doing research on my behalf. They often call providers for me to handle things related to my account. Elder Life Group has also helped with Qualified Charitable Distributions and RMD (Required Minimum Distributions) transfers.

I’ve always felt comfortable with the people at Elder Life Group, especially the moments when we’re just talking at my kitchen table.

Any other comments?
I had several decisions to make after my husband’s passing, and Elder Life Group gave recommendations for jumping through some hoops. The entire Elder Life Group team have also been open to new ideas when I’ve had things to share.

Elder Life Group calls and makes appointments when it’s convenient for me. They always work around my schedule, not theirs.


If you are in a situation similar to Beverly or just want some long-term planning support, please contact us today to learn more.

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